What are some typical roast levels?

Some names in the market, from lightest to darkest, are: City Roast, Full City, Vienna, French Roast, Italian Roast, Spanish Roast, Turkish coffee roast (charred).  

How many coffees can I get out of 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) of coffee?

It depends on how many grams used per coffee, but we can estimate 130-140 expressos.

The different colors of  roasted coffee

Roasting basically means cooking coffee. The lighter the toast, the less time it has been “cooked”. The lighter-colored coffee has usually been roasted for 3 minutes, and the darkest 15-16 minutes. They start to crack at around 6 minutes. It is common to find that major Coffee Brands (example: McDondalds and Starbucks) usually use the darkest roast. Their quality of coffee is usually not the best and roasting until dark camouflages the quality of the bean. When coffee beans have been highly-roasted, the coffee has a sweeter taste due to the oils and caramels released. Many wrongfully confuse this as a very tasteful coffee, because of the sugars.

What is better for a high quality coffee? Lightly-roasted coffee or dark-coffee?

It all depends on your palate. If you wish to taste the coffee bean and savor its earthly flavors, better lightly or médium roasted. If you are looking for a more caramely flavor, then darkly-roasted coffee.